The Smart Herb Garden is the most elegant and easiest indoor gardening solution available. Just plug it in, add water, ...
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Main description

The Smart Herb Garden is the most elegant and easiest indoor gardening solution available. Just plug it in, add water, and it takes care of the rest. Smart, simple, and carefree. We use innovative NASA-inspired technology that help the herbs naturally grow faster – with no GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or any other suspicious substances. It’s nature at its purest. Each Smart Herb Garden comes with 3 Basil cartridges, but we offer other refills as well. When you’re ready for new plants, simply replace your old cartridges with new ones.


Click & Grow Smart herb garden
It’s extremly easy to use: Just plug it in, install the cartridges and add a little water – the garden will take care of everything else. The product has built-in water level and light sensors and the heart of the product is the Smart soil, that will make sure the plant gets enough oxygen and nutrients at all times. The plants will grow faster while using less water!
Technology based on how plants grow in the soil naturally
The heart of the product is the Smart soil in the plant cartridges. It is a specially developed solution to offer plants the best possible growing conditions possible while being all natural. The technology is truly innovative and it helps the herbs grow a little faster but still 100% naturally. No GMO’s on pesticides!


Getting started is easy

Just insert the cartridges, fill the water tank, and plug it in. Our technology does the rest.

Plants thrive in our Smart Soil

Our nano-tech growth medium releases the right amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients. Ensuring your plants get the food they need to grow.

Technology does all the work

The sensors in the Smart Herb Garden measure the vitals of your plants and make sure the environment is perfect.

Plants still need a little love and common sense

Although it’s as close to magic as possible, they are still plants. Try to keep it near the light and to keep the leaves intact.


  • Grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort. No green thumb required!
  • Contains everything you need to enjoy fresh herbs all year round in your Smart Herb Garden
  • Sprouts in 1-2 weeks; Enjoy for 2-3 months
  • Comes with an energy-efficient LED grow light and a tiny footprint