All your favorites, fresh-made at the push of a button! KEURIG® KOLD™ delivers on-demand choice of freshly made cold beverages ...
$ 399.99

Main description

All your favorites, fresh-made at the push of a button!

KEURIG® KOLD™ delivers on-demand choice of freshly made cold beverages right at home : Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, craft sodas, seltzers, iced teas, flavored waters, sports drinks, cocktail mixers, and more all made with signature Keurig® simplicity. Choose your pod, pop it in the drinkmaker and press the KOLD™ button. The KOLD™ drinkmaker will do the rest. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying perfectly chilled, still or sparkling beverages made fresh, just for you. No CO2 canister, no messy syrup bottles and no fuss.

How it Works

The groundbreaking Keurig® KOLD™ system brings together technological innovation that provide optimal chilling, consistent carbonation and perfectly timed mixing, all in a footprint that fits on your kitchen countertop. The proprietary technology of the KOLD™ Chiller houses a self-contained cooling system that allows the drinkmaker to quickly chill water to an ideal temperature of about 39°F without the use of chemicals

The innovative, single-serve KOLD™ pod contains each beverage’s precise recipe, including flavoring and, Karbonator™ beads, for carbonated beverages. The Karbonator™ beads hold pure, beverage-grade CO2 that is released at the precise moment when it can best be absorbed to deliver perfect carbonation. The advanced technology of the drinkmaker then pours each drink, so every beverage is perfectly mixed and every sip is totally tasty.

Using your drinkmaker

The KOLD™ drinkmaker features an intuitive, single button display panel, making it easy to use. With a 52 oz. reservoir, the KOLD™ drinkmaker is always ready to make six cold beverages in a row. If you’re playing host and want to serve a larger group, you can enter “party mode” simply by adding ice to the water reservoir.

Each package comes with a Prime & Care pod for initial set up and ongoing maintenance, as well as two KOLD™ drinkmaker glasses for the perfect first pour.
Additional accessories are sold separately, including the KOLD™ Turnstyle storage carousel, the KOLD™ Wire carousel, small or large custom KOLD™ Glacier Glasses and a KOLD™ care kit.

Enjoy the variety

With dozens of beverages to choose from, KOLD® pods make perfectly portioned 8 oz. drinks – most with 100 calories or less. You get just the right amount of refreshment without creating excess beverage waste. The compact pod format allows you to keep a wide variety of all your favorites without lugging heavy bottles or taking up precious refrigerator space, so you can truly have all your favorites fresh-made at the push of a button.